Friday, March 19, 2010

Introduction to Fundy Writers Retreat

I mentioned before in this blog that I have been trying to fix up an old farm house and make it available to artists , writers or for anyone who would want to stay to recharge their batteries.

My slice of heaven (a.k.a. Fundy Writers Retreat) is located here:

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My farmhouse is located on Main Street in Alma, New Brunswick which is a small village in southern New Brunswick that is at the entrance of Fundy National Park.

I am lucky enough to be situated only a 5 minutes walk from the beach and the amazing Bay of Fundy tides, 5 minutes walk from Fundy National Park and all of its natural beauty and park resources (e.g., golf course, ampitheatre, and especially the heated, salt-water pool!!!), 5 minutes walk from the Fishermen's Wharf, 5 minutes walk from the shops and restaurants of Alma.

I could go on and on but I'll explain more about the area in other posts. Of course, you can also ask me too.

For now though, I'll put a quick list of activities below that will give you an idea about what is conveniently available to you if you were staying at my farm house:

- Hiking in Fundy National Park and along the Trans Canada Trail
- Interpretive tours in Fundy Park
- Kayaking
- Birdwatching - the region is home to numerous species including Bald Eagles, Peregrine Falcons, Blue Herons, and several species of migratory birds which stop by on our shores
-Lobster boat tours of the bay in July and August
- Golf, swimming, and canoeing in Fundy Park
- Visiting galleries and artisan studios in the region
- Photography, beachcombing, watching the impressive tides
- Weather watching - wind storms, breaking waves, spectacular sunsets and amazing fog formations.

I think that my farm house, Fundy Writers Retreat, is a wonderful spot to get away from it all, just relax or even just to read a book.

I think the farmhouse is perfect because it is close to some major east coast urban areas, but it is definitely far enough away to be able to relax, have some solitude and enjoy the sounds and silences of nature.

Contact information :

Phone -1-506-887-2008
Cell phone - 1-506-866-3751

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