Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Is it an alternative to getting rid of our waste ?

Incineration cannot be regarded as a long term solution for a finite planet,especially a planet threatened by human activities .

Is incineration risk -free?

The Nova Scotia Medical Society , the Allergy and Environmental Health Association , the American Public Health Association , the Physicians of Orilla (after their community was threatened with an incinerator and a lawsuit) , the Bavarian Medical Society and other health -orientated organizations have cautioned against incineration . They advise that incineration is a risk that should be avoided . Will our councillors in our communities put our health at risk if they consider the advice of incineration advocates over the caution of health experts.

Will incineration save taxpayers money ?

Incineration costs more than the alternatives and has in the past depressed property values .

Is incineration near schools and residences healthy ?

The World Health Organization recommends siting garbage incinerators far from populated areas due to health risks.Who should we believe , the World Health Organization or people who stand to benefit financially from incineration ?

Are incineration and landfilling the only choices ?

Alternatives to incineration are MORE effective and can leave as little as 16% for disposal ,FASTER by several years to implement and less expensive by 1/3 or more . Alternatives ,not incineration ,were the recommendation of Metro Authority's own Solid Waste management Advisory Committee , of the City of Halifax Task Force on waste management and the Ecology Action Centre .

Are the Alternatives not proven technology ?

The World Health Organization identifies recycling and composting as proven technology that will continue to grow in use in the future . Who especially recommends composting be considered in areas with a need for humus in their soils ,such as in Nova Scotia .

Does Incineration convert Waste -to - Energy ?

Incineration is actually a WASTE-OF-ENERGY. Incineration only recovers a small proportion of the energy needed to produce paper by burning . Recycling saves much more energy and reuse saves all the energy . Burning is a waste .

Does incineration solve the landfill problem ?

Incineration WORSENS the landfill problem because the ash is toxic .Toxic materials put into a landfill leak out ; the only "Russian Rouleete "question is ,when?

Let us hope the New Brunswick Provincial and Municipal governments especially surrounding the Fundy National Park Area ,which is now on the list to be voted as one of the Seven Greatest Wonders of the World ,do not allow incineration as an option to solve the garbage crisis.

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