Wednesday, February 3, 2010


Urbanization at its worse !

Jacks Lake and Sandy Lake -Bedford

Nova Scotia -Canada

The Jack lake Land Assembly is a 960-acre site located within the community of Bedford, Nova Scotia, Canada. It is NW of the Bicentennial Highway and between the Hammond Plains Road Highway 101. The site is covered with a second growth forest ranging from upland hardwoods to lowland bog shrubs and is being threatened by developers and politicians that lack vision.

The Site
What stands out in this area are the mature coniferous stands southwest of Jack Lake. This is the location of the Osprey and it is also where most of two or three species of wood warblers are found. It also has this area the potential for attracting other species not resident at present.
The older hardwood stands along the northeast margin of this area and are the most attractive stands on the whole site. The scarlet tanager has been sighted in this area. Owls such as the Long eared owl has also been sighted in this area and is rather unique to this area.

There have been sightings of small common small mammals such as squirrels, mice and moles. Signs of larger furbearers such as raccoon have been observed particularly near the Jack lake Area. Also there is evidence of white tailed deer activity in this area also. In general, the areas around marsh lake and along the Sackville River provide exceptionally rich habitat conditions for wildlife. On one survey done numerous deer, waterfowl and small mammals were sighted in the Sackville River.

Environmental problems will escalate with urban and economic expansion along with our natural resources becoming more and more scarce. It is important that we have areas to recharge our batteries in light of this and that we reserve areas for future generations to be able to do this. We are the caretakers of this earth and it is our responsibility to leave this world a better place than we found it. We must begin to realize that we are only one aspect to the life cycle and that there are other organisms that live on this planet that have a right to be here also. Ours is not to dominate but to coexist in harmony with other living organisms. To disregard this will be our downfall.The proposal for 17,000 homes to be built in this area is one giant step toward this downfall!

Let's not make the same mistake in the Fundy National Park Area . The Council in the Alma area along with the Provincial government should make sure that this does not happen.

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